From a height the water pours down between the rocks covered with chickenpox and moss plants. Plants that spread as if to separate the waterfall into three parts. The water races to fall into the pool and create a rush of tributaries below. As if chasing each other, free fall, not burdened.

The water that fills the pool is very clear and calm. So clear the rocks under the pool can be seen from above. A sight that makes the heart calm as if the mind is without a burden. How long, from various viewpoints, the waterfall landscape is not boring to look at.

Two small waterfalls on the right and left flanking the largest waterfall right in the middle. The highest waterfall stretches for about 20 meters.

Under the estuaries of the three waterfalls there is a large naturally formed pool. This round pool is about 15 meters in diameter. At certain moments a rainbow will appear stretching across the pond.

The pool is of medium depth. Water that fills up to an adult’s chest. Make this pool safe for swimming. For those who cannot swim, they can just soak in the rocks by the pool.

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