The Juwuk Manis waterfall tourist attraction can be your tour destination when planning a vacation to West Bali, this waterfall tourist attraction in West Bali is indeed not so popular, so sometimes it is quite foreign to some people, so that visitors to this natural recreation area are still empty of visitors. Indeed, as is known for now, popular tourist attractions on the island of Bali are more dominated by the South Bali tourism area with the presence of natural beach recreation areas, while for natural waterfall recreation areas, the North Bali tourism area or the Singaraja district area is the ideal destination for the next trip.

However, make no mistake if the natural beauty of waterfalls on the island of Bali, not only in Buleleng district but also Jembrana district or West Bali region which seems to be forgotten also offers a waterfall that can be the destination of the next tour. Just like what Juwuk Manis waterfall offers, the natural feel is still beautiful, calm and peaceful, so it can present a different natural feel. This hidden and virgin nature recreation area is ready to provide a new holiday experience for you.

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