The Air Sanih Natural Pool has an attraction that makes a lot of tourists interested in visiting it. One of the attractions is that the swimming pool uses natural springs that come from underground rivers.

You can find the spring in the southeast corner of the pool. When you take a shower and feel the pool water, you will be able to feel a cool sensation, even though it is the middle of the day. What’s more interesting, this swimming pool does not use chlorine and has a very beautiful view.

By having natural springs, of course, you can already imagine how fresh it is when you have to bathe and swim in the pool. Moreover, you will not find any chlorine or chlorine content in the water.

This Sanih Water Bath is indeed very suitable for those of you who want to vacation together with family and children. In this place you will not only find a swimming pool for adults, but there is also a swimming pool for children. In addition, the pool floor does not use ceramic but uses a material in the form of stone.

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