It’s been an on-going passion project, Waterbom Bali. Having taken root among the foliage of Kuta just over 28 years ago, our distinct water park has established itself as more than just somewhere to swim and slide. It has become an institution on the island, a destination for good times and fond memories; and for the family that work here, the Waterbomers, it has become a home.

Enduring challenging times, enjoying the prosperous ones, we have grown alongside the island. In fact, we believe we have been a part of Bali’s growth: a thread in this rich and ever evolving tapestry that has become one of the world’s most popular destinations. But even within our own patch of paradise, our oasis in the heart of Kuta, we have experienced a humbling evolution of our own. Over the last three decades, the park and the people who are part of it have constantly been driven forward, bonded by a vision to do better for our guests, for Bali and for each other. This is the Waterbom story.

Bamboo and Bangkirai

Let’s rewind to 1989 when our founder, Santo Gulino, first envisioned the idea to build a water park in Kuta. Whilst certainly growing in popularity, back then Kuta could still be considered a village, a hub for backpackers and surfers, just before the wave of big tourism. Santo had no experience in the water park industry but he knew the joys it brought to children and families.

Bali’s tropical heat and the fun-loving nature that was always in the air made it the perfect spot for one. Yet, having been to many parks across the years, he abhorred their modernist aesthetic. This one had to be different.

“I wanted to create a water park which blended in with the existing natural environment”, he shares.

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