The story of Jayaprana is start from centuries ago, there was a small kingdom called Kalianget. Once upon a day the kingdom was attached by dangerous diseases that most of its people died. But the kingdom was safe although most of the king family members died, too. This made the king very sad. Then he visited his people for entertain himself and his people. At a cross road he met a child (boy) who was crying for the death of his parents and his brothers.

The king adopted the boy to be his son because of losing all his children. He took the boy the his palace and lived with him. The boy was Jayaprana. When the boy had got adult he became a handsome one. The king loved him so much so he gave anything for his happiness. But Jayaprana was a good man. He never wanted any curious thing and had a simple way of life inspite of being a son of the king.

Then, the time had come. He falled in love with a beautiful seller flower in the market. The girl was Layonsari (actually this is not her real name. No one know her real name. The name of Layonsari was known after her death). Back to the story. Layonsari also falled in love with Jayaprana. Simply the king agreed with the intention of Jayaprana in merrying her. The people of the kingdom were very happy with the merriage, especially Jayaprana and Layonsari.

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