Taman Ujung Water Palace is a former palace of Karangasem empire, located in the village of Seraya in Karangasem regency, also known as a Taman Ujung Soekasada. It is located approximately 5 kilometres from Amlapura, and 80 kilometres from Denpasar aiport. In the Dutch East Indies era, this place known by the name Waterpaleis. The palace three large pools. In the middle of the pool, there is the main building named Gili Bale, connected to the edge of the pool by bridge.

Ujung Water Palace consists of various large pools and historic structures set against a backdrop of Mount Agung and the eastern shoreline. Set over around 10 hectares of land and consists of a myriad of vast pools built alongside structures that depict the rich history of the island. Mount Agung stands majestically in the background, while the eastern shoreline completes the picture of the amazing palace.

Visitors will be awed by the splendour of the palace as the palace has undergone renovations following the volcanic eruption from the nearby Mount Agung in 1963. Over the years, these renovations have made the palace a popular tourist attraction, drawing both indigenous locals and foreign visitors.

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