Have you ever heard about the Bali sightseeing submarine tour? If yes, this page is about the Bali submarine cruise provided by Odyssey Submarine Bali. On this page, we inform you about how much the price is, how to make a booking, and where the submarine ride in Bali takes place.

While joining the sightseeing submarine tour in Bali, you will be able to view the marvelous scenery of the underwater world of Amuk Bay, Bali, and your kids will love it. The island of Bali still doesn’t have a large aquarium to see the underwater world. Travelers can see the natural underwater world live in Bali; therefore, it does not need an aquarium.

Furthermore, Odyssey Submarine Bali tours take place in the eastern part of Bali island. Moreover, the exact location is in Amuk Bay, Antiga village, Karangasem regency. While the distance from Sanur to get, Amuk Bay is about 75 kilometers. Therefore you need half hour drive to get to the location of the Amuk Bay submarine tour from Sanur.

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