Blanco Renaissance Museum is a museum located in Ubud, Bali province, Indonesia. This museum was founded from the desire of Antonio Blanco, a painter to one day have a museum which finally began to materialize and was named The Blanco Renaissance Museum.

Since the age of 5, Antonio Blanco has shown his love for the arts, language and literature. She is able to speak 5 languages at once: Indonesian, French, Spanish, Tagalog, and Balinese and as a painter she paints the curves of women’s bodies. While studying the world of painting, he decided to settle in Bali in 1952.

His desire to own a museum was almost realized when the King of Ubud gave Blanco a land in Campuan, Ubud which he used as a house as well as a studio for painting. Although it was founded in 1998, the official opening of the museum was on September 15, 2001, to coincide with his birthday.

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